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Streamline your metal 3D printing needs with Soogalu - powered by LazerTEK.


About Soogalu LazerTEK Print Service

The Soogalu LazerTEK 3D Metal Printing Service

Soogalu has partnered with LazerTeK 3D Metal printing service to simplify metal 3D printing. From Soogalu, purchase Leone CAD-CAM line of screws and Metal 3d printing credits. Create your design files in Leone CAD Cam software and upload to LaserTek for printing. One stop shop for supplies and services.

Make your purchase

Purchase Soogalu LazerTek 3D Metal printing services from Soogalu. Often this is combined with the purchase of Leone CAD CAM screws from Soogalu

The digital design.

The 3DLEONE DESIGNER is the first software based on an easy and driven workflow for the digital design of customized framework to be coupled with our innovative CAD-CAM expanders.  Using the Leone software makes it simple to create the perfect digital framework

Metal printed framework

Metal print the perfectly designed framework.  Introducing some improvements both for the manufacturing, in terms of time and cost efficiency, and clinically, as it ensures higher accuracy than ordinary methods and better predictability of results.

A perfect fit everytime

With our state-of-the-art 3D manufacturing, producing RPEs has never been this precise or accurate. Say goodbye to the headaches of ill-fitting RPEs, and hello to confidence and comfort.


Soogalu aims to take the confusion out of metal 3D printing, making it easier for you to navigate and understand the process.

Entry into Metal 3D Printing

By partnering with Soogalu, you can get your lab started with metal 3D printing technology, allowing you to explore the possibilities of this innovative manufacturing method.

Trusted Partner

Soogalu offers every digital screw for all your applications. Whether it is for a standard RPE, to the leaf, to the more robust TAD screws, we have it all.

One-Stop Shop

In addition to metal print services, Soogalu also offers the option to purchase Leone and other related products, making it convenient to source all your requirements from a single shop.

Access to Information

Soogalu provides valuable information and resources related to metal 3D printing, enabling you to stay informed and make informed decisions about your printing projects.


The Process

3D Metal Printing and Manufacturing made simple.

Step One

Use the 3DLEONE DESIGNER, giving you access to the full library of Leone screws, and design the metal framework that works with each screws.

Step Two

Upload the exported design file to Soogalu’s LazerTek printing service.

Step Three

Received the metal printed framework and simply drop the screw on the posts and laser welds to the framework saving you time with while adding incredible accuracy.

Our Benefits

Soogalu is proud to be partner offer the LazerTEK®  printing service. Backed by selective laser melting (SLM) technology, LazerTEK printed frameworks are never at risk of traditional casting issues, such as porosity, miscasts, or supply chain disruptions. Every LazerTEK® framework is manufactured using German SLM Solutions printers, the same equipment used to manufacture Bugatti supercar Chiron brakes.

Directly benefit from the superior fit, quality, and accuracy of a LazerTEK® frameworks. This is a proven solution with over 600,000+ (and counting) LazerTEK® frameworks in service. Through additive manufacturing, LaserTEK can produce accurate organic shapes unattainable from casting. Casting can have its own set of issues. From porosity to miscasts to supply chain issues. LaserTEK will deliver a framework with superior yield strength, tensile strength, and accuracy, proven from independent lab testing. All frames come with an alloy composition sticker to provide true transparency to our partners. All LazerTEK® frameworks are fully backed by our 5-year warranty from their original date of production and .stl file design. All frames are manufactured in Menasha, WI USA.

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