Metal 3D Printing by LazerTEK


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Purchase credits for metal 3D printed frameworks printed using Cobalt Chrome material.

Ortho Bands (polished), 9 credits, Full Frame RPE (polished), 12 credits


Directly benefit from the superior fit, quality, and accuracy of a LazerTEK® frameworks. This is a proven solution with over 600,000+ (and counting) LazerTEK® frameworks in service. Through additive manufacturing, LaserTEK can produce accurate organic shapes unattainable from casting. Casting can have its own set of issues. From porosity to miscasts to supply chain issues. LaserTEK will deliver a framework with superior yield strength, tensile strength, and accuracy, proven by independent lab testing. All frames come with an alloy composition sticker to provide true transparency to our partners. All LazerTEK® frameworks are fully backed by our 5-year warranty from their original date of production and .stl file design.  All frames are manufactured in Menasha, WI USA.

The process:

  1. Purchase Soogalu LazerTek 3D Metal printing credits and Leone CAD CAM Screews from Soogalu.
  2. Use the 3DLEONE DESIGNER to design the perfect digital framework
  3. Upload the 3DLEONE design file to your Soogalu LazerTEK account. You can access the login from your Soogalu account
  4. Receive the printed framework, drop in the Leone CAD CAM screw, and deliver it to your customer.

Additional information

LazerTek Metal 3D Print Credit Pack

10 Credit Pack ($50)

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