Leone CAD/CAM Anatomical Screw 630


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Discover Leone’s CAD-CAM Anatomical Expanders for customized orthodontic appliances, crafted with precision using Laser melting technology and advanced 3DLeone Designer software. Leone’s expanders boast 50% more strength than standard RPE, ensuring efficient treatment for even the most challenging adult cases. Experience the perfect fit, reduced size, and exclusive self-centering guides for enhanced patient comfort.


Introducing Leone’s cutting-edge CAD-CAM Anatomical Expanders, specifically designed to create customized entirely orthodontic appliances using a fully digital workflow. Leone’s expanders provide unmatched precision and fit by employing 3DLeone Designer software and state-of-the-art Laser Melting technology. The high-quality sintered framework easily slots into expander bodies and is secured by laser welding for ultimate durability.

Leone’s CAD-CAM expanders are constructed from biomedical stainless steel with improved mechanical properties, ensuring reliable performance throughout treatment. The exclusive geometry of the male screw head delivers impressive strength – over 60 kgf, approximately 50% more than standard RPE. This robust design ensures treatment efficiency, even in adult patients requiring maxillary expansion with 2 or 4 TADs.

Leone’s CAD-CAM expanders are optimized for the CAD-CAM procedure, complete with two square slots for seamless framework fitting and welding, featuring a familiar anatomical expander design with orthogonal arms. The reduced overall size, self-centering guides system, and strengthened stainless steel construction make Leone expanders suitable for patients with narrow palates while providing exceptional resistance and reliability.

Each expander is Laser marked with expansion capacity, directional arrow, and lot number for convenience and safety. Supplied with a stainless steel key and a strengthened swivel key with handle, as well as patient instructions, Leone CAD-CAM Anatomical Expanders, represent the pinnacle of orthodontic technology and patient care.

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