Leone CAD/CAM Leaf Self Expander


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Introducing the innovative Leaf Self Expander – a patented, tooth-borne device for non-compliance treatment designed for CAD-CAM procedures. Thanks to its advanced MEMORIA Ni-Ti leaf springs, they experience effortless maxillary arch expansion with calibrated, continuous forces. Upgrade your treatment with this futuristic expander series today!


Upgrade your non-compliance treatment with the cutting-edge Leaf Self Expander – a patented, tooth-borne device designed for seamless integration with CAD-CAM procedures. Equipped with four or six MEMORIA Ni-Ti leaf springs, the Leaf Self Expander delivers calibrated and continuous forces for optimal maxillary arch expansion without compromising patient comfort.

The Leaf Self Expander is meticulously engineered for the digital age. Its unique design features four transversal rounded slots on the bodies, allowing for precision-oriented coupling and customized, laser-melted framework welding. Designed for tooth-borne appliances, this advanced expander retains the efficiency of traditional expanders while incorporating futuristic elements to enhance your patient experience.

Don’t settle for outdated technology – choose the Leaf Self Expander for a streamlined, effective, and future-forward treatment solution. Experience the difference in your practice today!

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