Leone CAD/CAM Rapid Expander 620


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Upgrade to the cutting-edge CAD-CAM Rapid Expander Tooth Borne screw for seamless digital RPE creation. This optimized version of Leone’s best-seller ensures perfect coupling with digitally designed frameworks for optimal laser welding. Upgrade with confidence, knowing it retains all features and sizes of the original. Includes 1 stainless steel key, 1 blue swivel key with handle, and patient instructions.


Introducing the CAD-CAM Rapid Expander Tooth Borne screw, the advanced, digitally optimized version of Leone’s best-selling expander. Explicitly designed for tooth-borne appliances, this screw makes the transition to digital manufacturing a breeze. The four transversal housings with ending stops perfectly fit digitally designed and SLM-manufactured frameworks, assuring an optimal laser welding process. Laser markings on the body of the screw include expansion capacity in mm, directional arrow, and lot number.

By incorporating high-quality Leone standards, this innovative expander series elevates the fully digital workflow to new heights. The CAD-CAM Tooth Borne expanders are constructed with stainless steel, offering durability and precision in every appliance. With the same features and sizes as the classic models, doctors can confidently switch to digital RPEs without compromising their practice.

Each package includes:

  • 1 stainless steel key (for lab use only)
  • 1 blue swivel key with handle (for easy patient use)
  • Instructions for patients (guiding them through the process)

Invest in the future of dental expansion with the CAD-CAM Rapid Expander Tooth Borne screw. Enjoy the benefits of a streamlined digital workflow, high-quality manufacturing, and satisfied patients.

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