Leone Leaf Self Expander


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Experience the hassle-free Leaf Self Expander, delivering controlled, continuous forces through Nickel Titanium leaf springs without requiring periodic reactivation. Available in 450g and 900g models with 6mm or 9mm expansion capacities, it revolutionizes orthodontic treatment for both patients and clinicians.


The Leaf Self Expander combines all the advantages of the Leaf Expander while eliminating the need for periodic reactivation, streamlining orthodontic treatment. Utilizing the elastic capacity of Nickel Titanium leaf springs, it releases controlled, continuous forces tailored to the patient’s transversal discrepancy. Choose from two models (450g and 900g) and two expansion capacities (6mm with four leaf springs or 9mm with six leaf springs) for a predetermined therapy that minimizes intervention. Each expander comes with ready-compressed leaf springs, a special clip with safety leash, and practical instructions for easy construction and treatment. Embrace the future of orthodontics with the Leaf Self Expander.

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6MM, 9MM


450g, 900g

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