Leone CAD/CAM Micro Expander 1621


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Introducing the revolutionary A1621D Stealth Easy Access Expander, designed for a seamless digital experience! This dental expander assures quality and precision by offering enhanced coupling, optimal laser welding, and easy intraoral activation. Upgrade to a digital future while retaining the familiar features of Leone’s traditional expanders.


Discover the cutting-edge A1621D Stealth Easy Access Expander – the optimal CAD-CAM version designed for a digital world. Say goodbye to arms and welcome the innovative transversal housings with ending stops, which ensure perfect oriented coupling with the digitally designed and SLM-manufactured framework. This results in an optimal laser welding process, maintaining precision and reliability.

The A1621D model sports a more visible screw holed-head, allowing for effortless intraoral activation using the swivel key. Ideal for dental anchored expanders, this series retains all the features and sizes of Leone’s classic worldwide famous expanders, letting doctors smoothly transition to digitally manufactured RPEs.

Laser-marked expansion capacity, directional arrows, and lot numbers on the screw body make it simple for practitioners to keep track of essential information. Each expander has a stainless steel key (for lab use only), a swivel key with a handle, and patient instructions.

Upgrade to the future of dental expansion technology with the A1621D Stealth Easy Access Expander – a perfect blend of tradition and innovation.

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