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For nearly a century, Leone has been a trailblazer in orthodontics, marrying tradition with cutting-edge innovation to redefine the standards of precision, comfort, and aesthetics in orthodontic care.

Legacy of Innovation:

Established in 1934, Leone has evolved into a global leader, consistently pushing the boundaries of orthodontic treatment. The company’s commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements is evident in its diverse range of orthodontic products.

Comprehensive Product Line:

Leone’s product portfolio spans traditional braces, modern aligners, and precision-engineered retainers. Each product is meticulously designed to meet the unique needs of orthodontic professionals and their patients. From the functional precision of traditional braces to the discreet effectiveness of aligners, Leone offers a solution for every orthodontic case.

CAD/CAM Technology:

Leone’s embrace of CAD/CAM technology streamlines the design and manufacturing process, offering orthodontic professionals unparalleled precision. The integration of 3D printing ensures a perfect fit for every patient, reflecting Leone’s commitment to excellence in orthodontic technology.

Patient-Centric Approach:

Leone places patient comfort and compliance at the forefront of its philosophy. The company’s materials prioritize comfort, safety, and aesthetics, ensuring that orthodontic treatment is not only effective but also a positive and transformative experience for patients.

Global Collaboration with Soogalu:

In a strategic collaboration with Soogalu, Leone has introduced the first dedicated expander series that complements the lab’s fully digital workflow. This partnership underscores Leone’s global influence and dedication to providing orthodontic professionals with advanced tools to elevate their practices.

Looking to the Future:

As a forward-thinking force in orthodontics, Leone continues to shape the future of the field. With a legacy of innovation, a deep understanding of orthodontic principles, and a commitment to excellence, Leone remains a trusted partner for orthodontic professionals dedicated to delivering confident smiles.

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