Leone POP Micro Sectional Screw


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Introducing the revolutionary POP® Micro Sectional Screw – the ultimate addition to Leone trusted POP Screw range! Crafted from stainless steel and biomedical technopolymer, this screw offers continuous expansion, unmatched adaptability, and optimal comfort. You’ll enjoy flawless functionality and dependable expansion with a unique design that prevents male screw contact with orthodontic acrylic resin. Choose from 6 vibrant colors to match your style!


Upgrade your orthodontic experience with the cutting-edge POP® Micro Sectional Screw, a remarkablee addition to Leone’s renowned POP Screw collection. Expertly engineered with stainless steel and top-quality biomedical technopolymer, this screw delivers enhanced therapeutic possibilities.

The ingenious design keeps the male screw from interacting with the orthodontic acrylic resin, ensuring its functionality remains unaffected by technical procedures or curing times. The high-pressure polymer injection perfectly replicates the male screw thread, providing steady expansion without the risk of unwanted turning back.

Featuring flat-shaped guides for a more gradual, physiological orthodontic movement, the Micro Sectional Screw’s flexibility allows effortless compensation for minor relapses due to inconsistent appliance usage. Its highly adaptable nature ensures maximum comfort during application, even in the days following re-activation.

For improved retention, the metallic anchorage side of the screw includes two through-holes. The screw also features two embossed arrows to indicate the opening direction. A snap-on white arrow is provided for better visibility for those with acrylic resin colors similar to the polymer body.

Choose from 6 stunning colors to customize your appliance and experience the transformative benefits of the POP® Micro Sectional Screw today!

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Blue, Green, Orange, Red, Silver, Yellow

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