Leone CAD/CAM Lower Expander 623


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Introducing the CAD-CAM Expander for Lower Arch Tooth Borne, a sleek and innovative solution for lower jaw tooth-borne appliances. Featuring a flat profile and optimal laser welding, this advanced expander ensures precise results for dental expansion. The package includes a stainless steel key, a safety ring leash key, and patient instructions.


Discover the cutting-edge CAD-CAM Expander for Lower Arch Tooth Borne, the next generation in dental expansion technology. Leone’s revolutionary expander has been thoughtfully designed as an upgraded version of the Torko lower screw, with enhanced features that ensure the utmost precision and accuracy.

This state-of-the-art expander boasts two transversal housings and an ending stop on the bodies, providing an impeccably oriented coupling with your digitally designed and SLM-manufactured framework. This crucial design element guarantees an optimal laser welding process, producing a superior quality expander for your lower jaw tooth-borne appliances.

Based on the proven classic A0623 expanders, the Leone CAD-CAM model offers a sleek, flat profile that significantly reduces overall bulkiness – an essential consideration when fitting devices for lower jaw applications. Laser-marked expansion capacity, directional arrow, and lot number on the body of the screw ensure easy identification and proper usage.

Every CAD-CAM Expander for Lower Arch Tooth Borne comes with the following:

  • 1 stainless steel key for lab use only
  • 1 key featuring a safety ring leash for secure handling
  • Comprehensive instructions for patients to ensure optimal results

Upgrade your dental expansion toolkit with the unparalleled precision and quality of the CAD-CAM Expander for Lower Arch Tooth Borne. Invest in the future of dental care today!

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