Leone CAD/CAM Leaf Expander


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Introducing Leone’s cutting-edge CAD-CAM Leaf Expander, the ultimate tooth-borne solution for maxillary arch expansion. Its patented design utilizes advanced Ni-Ti leaf springs for precise, continuous force, offering efficient, future-focused treatment without needing parent or patient activation. Order now and receive a stainless steel key for lab use and a swivel key with a handle.


Experience the next generation of maxillary arch expansion with the CAD-CAM Leaf Expander. This innovative, patented device delivers a spring-loaded, tooth-borne solution for effortless arch expansion without a parent or patient activation. Leone’s state-of-the-art design features two or three MEMORIA Ni-Ti leaf springs, ensuring calibrated and continuous forces for the most effective treatment.

As an optimized device for the CAD-CAM procedure, the Leaf Expander’s unique design includes four transversal rounded slots on its bodies, providing accurate coupling for welding a digitally designed customized laser-melted framework. With the same high-performance characteristics as Leone standard Leaf Expander series, this groundbreaking device ushers in the future of maxillary arch expansion technology.

When you purchase the CAD-CAM Leaf Expander, you’ll receive a stainless steel key for use within the lab and a convenient swivel key with a handle. Don’t miss out on this revolutionary tooth-borne appliance – order yours today and experience the future of maxillary arch expansion.

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