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Discover the revolutionary POP® Expansion Screws – Perfect Orthodontic Performance! Leone’s innovative stainless steel and biomedical technopolymer design offers smooth, controlled expansion for superior results. Experience adaptability, comfort, and ease of use in 6 colors to suit your style.


Introducing the groundbreaking POP® Expansion Screws – Perfect Orthodontic Performance for your dental needs! Made of high-quality stainless steel and biomedical technopolymer, these screws are designed for consistent and precise orthodontic expansion.

Leone’s unique design keeps the male screw from contacting orthodontic acrylic resin, ensuring optimal performance regardless of the technical procedure or curing time. The high-pressure injection of the polymer allows for a perfect copy of the male thread, delivering continuous expansion movement without the risk of unwanted turning back in the mouth.

The self-centering rectangular guides guarantee biomechanical and absolutely controlled symmetrical expansion. The flat shape and flexibility of the guides ensure a gradual release of expansion with physiological orthodontic movement. With exceptional adaptability, Leone screws allow for comfortable application and accommodate any dental regress caused by inconsistent appliance use, making them ideal for holding devices following rapid expansion treatment.

Quickly identify the opening direction with two embossed arrows on the screw body. For acrylic resin colors similar to the polymer body, use the included white arrow on the plastic placement tab to make the activation direction visible.

The innovative plastic placement tab, consisting of two pieces and a unique geometry, perfectly protects holes from acrylic resin during packing and simplifies removal after the curing cycle. Choose from 6 stunning colors to match your personal taste and style.

Experience superior orthodontic performance with Leone state-of-the-art POP® Expansion Screws!

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Universal 8MM, Upper 9MM


Blue, Green, Orange, Red, Silver, Yellow, Mixed


10, 50, 12, 60

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